All I care about is Nicki Minaj and puppies and cheese and like three people in real life

Applying to law school and dying inside

7818 days and I'm still not Emily Prentiss

found in a physics text book

uuuugh i have asshole short story prof tomorrow and for once in my life i’m gonna take my mom’s advice and just shut the hell up and not draw attention to myself

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also my roommate hates it when we call out white privilege generally (not even her white privilege) and also she has a BA in psych and uses really shitty ableist language but i don’t want to call her out ever because she occupies a really significant axis of oppression on which i occupy the axis of privilege how do handle how do

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but hey in the fbi oath of allegiance you can swap out “swear” for “affirm” because ~freedom of religion~

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here’s the fbi oath of allegiance

I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

like ok there’s nothing in here about protecting the lives of citizens there’s nothing about saving people here’s nothing about protect and serve this has nothing to do with civilians and everything to do with law and order

there are no “good cops” there are no “good fbi agents” they’re all doing exactly what they’re intended to do they’re preserving the power of the state against enemies 

i’m mad about normative theoretical constructs of government again

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some publisher somewhere is still paying nicholas sparks to write books

nature is amazing

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Anonymous: hello. so I have a quick question if you are comfortable asking it. I don't know if you've heard about the movie "Dear White People" but I am a white people who is looking forward to seeing it. However - I know that the movie may be problematic in ways I can't identify. If you know about it could you give me a heads up on anything that I should keep an eye out for/make sure I remember when watching it?

haven’t seen it. if it’s making you uncomfortable it’s probably because you’re recognizing your own problematic behavior tho.

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are you kidding me

i hope they didn’t pay someone to design this poster

i hope no one got payed to phone this shit in like this

I hope they took like five dollars off someone’s paycheck for this

are you kidding me though

why even put nicholas sparks’ fucking name on here there’s two white people’s giant motherfucking heads making out who else would responsible for this 

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Anonymous: No offense to you at all Janna, but why the fuck are these people coming to an able-bodied asexual with these questions??

good fucking question brah

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also if we’re mutuals and u wanna be snapchat buddies let’s do it

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Anonymous: (related to previous ask) If bisexual meant attraction to more than one gender then it would mean the same as pansexual. Bisexuals experience sexual attraction to two sexes. Gender neutral people still have a sex and that is why bisexuals could still experience an attraction.


i do this thing whenever i see a cop or cop car out in public where i’ll take a snapchat photo and in the caption i’ll just use the pig emoji as many times as i can fit before i run out of characters

and i really want to add the pig emoji to this response because WHOA LOOK THE FUCK OUT HERE COMES THE SEXUALITY POLICE

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Anonymous: sorry if this is obvious, i've tried googling but can't find out... what are "nt folks" ?

neurotypical people

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one time on america’s next top model they were doing a disney princess photo shoot and tyra cast one of the black girls as snow white and gave her stark white hair and one of the white girls got so pissed and mr. jay with the silver spiky hair yelled at the white girl it was great

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Anonymous: I did't mean to offend you- it was an honest question! but Im not neurotypical, unless you're using it solely to describe those not on the autism spectrum, in which I am neurotypical in that case, but I have (diagnosed) anxiety/ocd and ADHD and slight dyslexia, which I know aren't the most uncommon or necessarily unmanageable (depending on the severity) but they're still relevant in my life. I'm not particularly sure what exactly i said offended you but I'm trying to understand and im sorry!

i mean i wasn’t offended (i can’t be, given that i’m not nt) i just always assume that anons occupy axes of privilege. it’s just that language evolves. ancient latin definitions don’t mean anything to english speakers in the 21st century.

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